California Hunter Education

290 North Benson Unit 10 - Upland, California 91786

(909) 579-0777

Class: 10:00 AM
Online courses are offered at these online websites. You must complete one of these courses prior to attending the 4 hour class study and test.
Enjoy the great outdoors and at the same time help preserve the environment, hunters are the first line of conservationist that spend money to improve it and spend time in the outdoors preserving it.
You will be part of the California sportsmen that help control the population of wildlife to ensure a strong and healthy wildlife.
Spend time with friends or family while enjoying the wildlife that California has to offer. From small animals to the majestic larger one's such as elk, bear, and deer. 
Classes are only $10 and we have small classes of 25 students or less. Our classes are held on Sunday's only. Our instructors are also firearms instructors or training counselors that train firearms instructors.
Next class is December 8th at 10:00 AM, for those who like to get a little more morning sleep..